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We contribute to society All arrives smoothly, green and safe. It is the Swedish Transport Administration's vision - a vision that means we should create the conditions for robust and efficient transport system that is energy efficient and safe. At the same time we will ensure that users and carriers have good opportunities to implement their travel and transport. The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the overall long-term infrastructure planning of road, rail, shipping and aviation. Our assignment also includes the construction, operation and maintenance of state roads and railways. We are community developers who are planning the big picture of the overall transport system. For society to develop, transport must operate. Increased accessibility will become increasingly important. Our mission means that it is we who daily ensure that roads and railway tracks are passable, the collision-free road construction, railway stations handicap adapted to intermodal terminals developed, to travelers and road users receive timely and relevant traffic information, to driving tests for driving licenses executed and everything else required to manage and develop smart infrastructure. The goal is an accessible and safe transport system which takes into account the environment and health. To reach this goal we need to work closely with the rest of society. Together we can make life easier in Sweden.


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