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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. is the largest telecommunication and network services provider in Indonesia. Serving millions of customers nationwide, we provide a strong portfolio of information and communication services, including fixed wireline and fixed wireless telephone, mobile cellular, data and internet, and network and interconnection services, directly or through our subsidiaries. By the end of 2009, our customer base had grown 21.2% to 105.1 million customers. we are now serving 8.4 million fixed wireline telephone subscribers, 15.1 million fixed wireless telephone subscribers and 81.6 million mobile telephone subscribers. As of December 31, 2009, the majority of our Common Stock was owned by the Government, with the remaining under public ownership. Our shares are traded on the IDX, the NySE, the LSE and are publicly offered without listing in Japan. At the end of 2009, our market capitalization was Rp190,512.0 billion, or 9.43% of the total market capitalization of the IDX. To meet the challenges of the growing demand for seamless connectivity and mobility, we have broadened our business portfolio to encompass TIME — telecommunications, information, media and edutainment. During 2009, our consolidated net income was Rp11,332.1 billion, an increase of 6.7% compared to 2008, and equivalent to 100.8% of our target. Meanwhile, net income margin stood at 17.5% in 2009, representing an achievement of 105.4% of our target net income margin. This financial performance was supported by TELKOM’s solid operational performance. In terms of serving customers, we are now serving 105.2 million customers from our cellular, fixed wireless and fixed wireline businesses, representing an achievement of 106% of our target.