Located in Texas, Dallas is regarded as a major commercial center within the United States. The city harbors the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which consists of 11 counties and is considered to be the economic and cultural hub of North Texas. With the area comprising over 40% of the state’s high-tech workers according to the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Dallas’ metroplex has attracted several Fortune 500 companies to situate their headquarters there. Dallas, altogether, has been dubbed the “Silicon Prairie”, as it is among the largest employment centers for advanced technology in the United States. The city also places within the top five most comprehensive markets for data centers, service providers, and network fabrics in the US.

Dallas has a GDP of over US $450 billion, and with a significant contribution from the digital economy, its data center industry is thriving. The top providers currently include: DA1, Bryant Street Digital Realty, DA3, DAL 1, Stemmons Freeway Digital Realty.

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