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Market Overview

The Kingdom of Belgium, also known as the Battlefield of Europe or Belgium, is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe. Located between the Netherlands, Germany and France it is a multilingual nation that speaks Dutch, French and German. Belgium has a population of over 11.29 million and an internet literacy rate of % (9.59 million million internet users).

Data Center & Telecommunications Economy

The total GDP of the Belgium is over US $455 billion and with a contribution of 4.8% from the digital economy, Belgium’s data center industry is thriving. Besides Belgium’s data centers, the digital economy includes 4.48 million fixed line telephone subscriptions and 12.93 million mobile telephone subscriptions.

Data Center Markets

Belgium contains several data center clusters throughout the country providing plenty of colocation opportunities. The primary colocation data center markets in Belgium are:

Belgium provides an important connection between the United Kingdom and Europe through submarine cables. There are 74 Belgian data centers, the majority of these colocation facilities are located in and around Brussels. Large carrier neutral Belgian data centers feature rich ecosystems and state of the art equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and connectivity to over 416 service providers.

Belgian Rankings

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Richest Data Center Ecosystems

The top five colocation facilities in Belgium are:

  1. BRU 1
  2. BRU 3
  3. Brussels
  4. Diegem
  5. Antwerp

Top Data Center Operators

The top five data center operators in Belgium are:

  1. BICS
  2. Proximus
  3. Myconcept
  4. Colt Technology Services
  5. Interxion - A Digital Realty Company

Top Service Providers

The top five cloud service providers in Belgium are:

Energy Distribution

Energy is a significant issue for data centers and Belgium has good coverage of the energy sector. Belgium is energized by 26.3% renewable or green sources, with the remaining provided by fossil/nuclear fuels. This gives Belgian colocation facilities significant opportunities to take advantage of green energy. In addition to green energy, data center consumers enjoy a range of PUE scores between 1.15 and 1.35. The average PUE for Belgian data centers is 1.31. Belgian colocation facilities provide over 27.78 MW of power and has a range of rack power options from 2.50 kW to 2.50 kW.

Natural Disasters

Belgium enjoys relative safety from natural disasters with a low risk of 3.07% according to the Work Risk Index. The most prominent risks to Belgium include flooding and storms.

Service Providers

Belgium’s communications industry is regulated by BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications). Major players in the carrier space include:

  • Proximus
  • Orange
  • BASE

While the top three service providers are:

There are numerous smaller providers as well.

Cloudscene Belgian Facts

  • Total number of Belgian data centers: 74
  • Total number of cloud service providers: 416
  • Total number of network fabrics: 10
  • Latest Belgian data center added: Brussels
  • Latest Belgian data centers service provider: Atlas Edge Data Centres
  • Number of certified colocation facilities in Belgium: 13