MA1 (Williams House)
MA1 (Williams House)

MA1 is the most network dense Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX) in Manchester. It offers rich network connections and a wide range of colocation services to some of Europe’s leading organizations. Located just 20 minutes from Manchester Airport and 10 minutes from the city center in Manchester’s Science Park campus near MA4, MA1 is a major low latency hub. Equinix customers who colocate to this IBX gain direct interconnectivity to IX Manchester, the U.K.’s newest Internet exchange and LINX, the London Internet exchange. MA1 offers interconnection opportunities with a wide range of enterprises, network service providers and major cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle. It meets every standard for security, resilience, quality and environmental management and is staffed by a team of highly skilled experts, whose rigorous operational processes are proven to deliver maximum resilience.

MA1 offers a wide range of colocation options available with flexible power densities that can scale up to 20kW per rack.

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