CSF CX1 TelcoHub1
CSF CX1 TelcoHub1

CSF Computer Exchange 1, CX1 also now known as CSF TelcoHub1 is the largest Malaysia telecommunication carrier neutral exhange data centre that is free from any direct telco ownership control in operation which also house the Malaysia’s Largest Internet Exchange (MYIX), Malaysia Number Portability (MNP) for mobile operator, and has more than a thousand of telecommunication dark fibre cores landing.

CSF TelcoHub1 Infrastructure design supports up to Tier-4 with 2N configuration. - Allow Direct Fiber/Subsea cable landing into customer’s rack/cage/data hall. - Provides direct Dark Fiber connect to big content providers/OTT (G, F & M) - Has Dark Fiber Direct connect to many buildings and data centers in Malaysia (AIMS KL, NTT, CJ1, CX2, CX5, BasisBay, all buildings in Cyberjaya and major buildings in KL) - The most diverse external and internal cable routing path with 360 degrees external route with 11 manholes for external telco fiber entry into the building.

This facility is Certified under Rated/Tier-3 (Concurrent Maintainable) Site certification Rated/Tier-3 for (Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical) Rated/Tier-4 for (Telecommunication)

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