The IPC-3 of the TelemaxX is divided into 4 separate construction sections on 2 floors. Each building section has a floor space of approx. 400 m² each and is supplied and monitored for redundant infrastructure.

Within the respective construction sections, the individual requirements for racks, colocation, areas, cages that are required for the operation of the respective systems can be considered for each customer.

When the data center is fully booked (Datacenter / Colocation Center), up to approx. 600 racks can be accommodated - depending on the dimensions of the individual racks.

All construction sections are completely redundantly wired and have fire, water and burglar protection as well as video surveillance with infrared cameras.

Within the data center (datacenter / colocation center), a 70 cm high double floor is laid, which ensures optimal conditions for the air conditioning of the individual racks and surface / colocation. Cabling is carried out by cable plumbing at the ceilings of the premises.

For the delivery of material, there is a lifting shear table (max. 3,000 kg load) on the outside of the building and then enters the building via the sluice directly to the load elevation (max 5,000 kg load). With the load lifting mechanism, the delivered materials can be transported easily and comfortably directly into the respective floor.

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