Data centre Brno
Data centre Brno

Connection Capacity: Data circuits (up to 40 Gbps). Connection to the NIX (Neutral Internet eXchange), CE Colo, and TTC Telekomunikace at 10 Gbps. Connection to the Slovak SIX (Slovak Internet eXchange) at 10 Gbps. International IP connectivity brought from Prague, Brno, and Bratislava.

Interconnection: The data centers contain a variety of endings of local and long-haul optical networks. Services of other operators can be used as well. Data center Brno provides all services of our own optical backbone network.

Ending of itself s.r.o. Network: - Two diversified fiber routes with connection in Ivančice and two routes with connection in Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava - Optical line to Ostrava, Český Těšín (Czech Cieszyn) - Poland connection - Local routes within Brno

Air conditioning: itself s.r.o. uses a comprehensive range of cooling solutions. Each room is equipped with a York/Carrier air conditioning system (redundancy n + 1). Temperature and humidity of the rooms are permanently controlled (typically: temperature 22 ° C + / - 2 ° C, humidity 50 % + / -10 %). The air conditioning system uses technology that causes the pressurized cool air to be forced into the raised double floor. Telecommunications and storage equipment in the rack stands are cooled by air passing from the floor or by the system of hot and cold aisles.

Fire Protection System: Telecommunication rooms are equipped with fire suppression gas systems (FM -200) and an electronic fire alarm warning system that are both connected with the Network Operation Monitoring Center.

Access Security: The building is secured with an electronic alarm system, which is directly connected with the counter of the surveillance center located in the building. A camera system with recording equipment is also part of the security system and provides monitoring outputs for the network operation center. Each customer is assigned a chip for independent access to the building.

Power Backup: The power supply is secured by two separate distribution systems that are backed up by diesel generators with n + 1 redundancy (2 x Caterpillar 550 kVA) with their own measuring and protection systems. Connection to the central UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) is also possible.

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