Your servers and applications at the top, in the cloud, with first class certified support. We don't look to be the biggest, just the best, for your data, and your company.

We build with you the digital foundation of your company. The only way we know is constant innovation and customer satisfaction. More than 20 years and passion for technology led us to focus work in a different way. We focus on achieving excellence in the quality of the final result. The size and scale of our company as a leading provider of web hosting services, allows us to have an optimized cost structure to increase the benefit and satisfaction of our customers. Expert and personalized attention to all our customers, offering agile answers. The most advanced technology in hardware and software and unbeatable connection. Wavenet does NOT restrict the scope of its consulting and technical support services, making available to the client all its know-how, always, without restrictions, and as an integral part and included in its services. The service has Backup TOTAL OFF SITE at the express request of the customer. All Cloud Computing instances are transparently scalable in storage capacity, memory, and throughout. Service includes specialized 24x7x365 technical human support, and immediate escalation

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